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Running From the Chase

by Truth Club

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Suffer Debt 04:05
Felt regret more than anything, got a suffer debt hanging over me I want to breathe slow with lungs like time forgot but the ache, it knows, and it pokes the back of my throat So I hold on, just like frayed ends just like a dropped call, cutting in then out just like all the time we lost can’t keep my eyes off the trash that lines roads I take to work and I want to grow like a mother’s love but the light won’t show gentle repose So I hold on, just like frayed ends just like a frail porch so close to giving in and I hold on, feels like a drain spin I’ve got a lot of those still waiting Running off, it’s been contemplated many times sometimes it feels so bad I can’t even express myself, I don’t even know where to start. pulled in all directions in a senseless overflow Everytime, it really wants to slit my future wide gets hard to nullify. Exactly what it wants from me, exactly where it hides: if I figure it out, will it go? I do not know
Uh Oh 02:41
The heart doesn’t swell on request, just tightens its grip some better off dead is quite the thought, hope it escapes me uh oh I lost, something stole my dreams caught in a hell that empties out into my room each day attempt to plead that little songs can outpace the pains that chase us all lives like a sprinkler dancing in the rain obtuse efficiencies are killing us oh it cuts like a knife but at least I’ve shed all my delusions but it’s tough to survive when almost everything is bruised extant but fallow, so much cost unseen tonight I might just practice a spell, breaking every single rule only free to seethe, and do a lot lets the grind tear me apart at least skin will show I played the game and only a bitter end will wake us up
Blue Eternal 01:57
Found you again, whispered a world so estranged I’m unsure how it was conjured held in the wave of some vibration: a trace of our trial stuck in its cycle should I chase it down? tend to the distant monument doesn’t really matter now, origins already distilled the past could disjoin from its place at this point would you keep the threads or weave them over again? to placate the voice there is always a choice to bathe within a thought’s reflective whim or just drown
77x 03:33
Desperate to find quiet moments but the din, it claws If only words would stick to my lips and the taste could answer Face down, beyond a shroud truth gets lost It comes back so dark, in a past life told myself a good lie Greater functions far from reaching what I’m dreaming of like the larvae swim complacent, I see no after Sick sound, all around, heard enough. it fades out so harsh In a fast life, couldn’t slow down if I tried Like rain, hung on gray, it’s always rushing to the holes within me The days have quickened their pace seven, seven, several gone so swiftly, hopeless as a flood
Clover 02:13
life is such a great gift, made good use of squandering it if I could have been anything I guess I chose stuck in a place where giving up allays If I wane, there is such a tiny sliver so much less that is expected I can show up to my own life but I don’t have to be present picking clover from skull bed kneeling down in all the patches I will wake up every morning feeling less like there’s a body I’m inside of and more like the teeming quickness that exists between the time when It is dark and it is light has become all i’ll ever be with no reprieve shallow heat covers me
Exit Cycle 04:47
lost the day to two-dozen hours, deposed death’s temptation is running wild below hopelessness always will serve itself turn a blind eye i can’t shake it, how surely it states its case and undoes mine every time it’s all too often unfulfilling, baleful outlook long instilling exit cycles come back again. if i'm not careful i won’t run so just carry me out to the sky, I need the sunlight under a harsh lens even your face looks so unkind hopelessness asserts itself, not the last time still can’t shake it, how surely it states its case and undoes mine what could I see? where could i go? i go its like I know nothing else i just want something else if i could climb out and break free, I would open doors, and let all this off, let go
Siphon 02:18
Laugh through sutures, oh to feel them pull apart shameless outpour, en masse, of everything you do to me like anything I consume, your taste dissolves in my mouth a siphon hungering to fill itself somehow wilted my heart instead Sunlit droplets will never see why they make no reservoir at all in any place they try playful glistens streaked across the ground all at once they reach too far, too bright then they dry up so fast I felt my sprawl, uncanny, brush against your sharp edge no mistaking my life for anything but pliant
Wearing through slowly like the nooks in rocks that try to hide tucked away with tender life if we lurk the tide will come and fill our mouths spit on the ground because the words they sting dancing around my tongue try to hold the pace of dancing around our love I guess we knew how it would all play out we should meet up there because the words they sting dancing around my tongue can’t quite hold the pace when dancing around is no fun all the words we say are all the ones that stall the onset of ill fate, can’t get around that disparate place I know you tried to console, might have saved my life I couldn't, who knew I was rotting from the inside out? tired angels watch us and sigh it's much better now, with room to breathe we can talk about it i'm glad we arrived at a joy, distinct felt across every song grateful for the way they’ve shown us where we belong all the words we’ll sing, are all the ones we solved arranged in a new shape, dancing around this better place
the chase 00:51
first born and the only one to date, the only thing they made work I’m told you can see them in my face, in my blood there’s a quilt of our lives the false son puts a lot upon her plate, agonizing her worth of course it was always gonna break dig through shards, so much left to divine every change splits me through and I can't control how wide all this stress enervates, I don’t know how long that I can contend with the chase, but with nothing else in mind I push on with little celebration, blessed with such a curse to fight it a strong love, never questioned if they gave but expressions seemed to diverge im sure i am echoing the same quick to glean unintended advice I am scared we will end up like his friend work until he’s dead work until we’re dead is there any other plan? fell down off the ladder as he clutched his chest it's one story, one need still carried, shooting right through me I hope I shape it into something sweet to nourish one right in front of me
Gone missing for days and you know it’s hard to feel nothing, so graceful, when nothing’s wrong. I will stumble, headlong, into delusive folds of memories, not quite had, so far from where they formed. There it finds me, no one else can, builds us a home. Please break the stones: so I can see what the sediment of sentiment weighs. so we can fly, or fight for this overthought, failing communion. It owns me like christ owns mercy and I am tied down to it just like all the things that wear me out. Please fake your moans so we can finally fuck, get this over with: joyless validation. I wish I could go to when we first touched the stones. I would file them down to something we could hold.
this time i think no one wants to hear those thoughts or prayers anymore thank god there’s hope that maybe less are expecting this to stop without a glance we don’t even notice what we walk by our pace is still our biggest disgrace is this working? are you working hard? is it working for you? so how to proceed? I am most of the time at a loss I should tell myself anything uplifting as far as paradigms are inclined they can be beaten into whatever change is needed it is needed each day: wake, worry, watch think of all the crimes that live embedded in the day to day, doesn’t it make you mad? a course correct is hard to stoke with sharp deceit so close to us we’ll all live on as points within troubling comparisons insist trials in error were canceled before, but call and pay for it is there still a blossom yearning to return to form and carve a path again? how I’ve wept, tired of waking up in a trance like both halves contort in me so is this really working? for you, for me, for them, for anyone?


released October 6, 2023

Truth Club is Travis Harrington, Yvonne Chazal, Elise Jaffe, Kameron Vann

All music by Truth Club, all lyrics by Travis Harrington
Recorded by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, NC
Mastered by Max Gowan
Album art by Walker Bankson
Released by Double Double Whammy


all rights reserved



Truth Club Raleigh, North Carolina

U can't live w/o Truth


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